Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving foward

We Graduated!!!

After a year and a half at being at the Missionary Training Center, we have finally graduated and have become official New Tribes Missionaries! What does this mean? It means that we have become equipped with the tools to teach God's Word in a cross-cultural context. This also means that we can now apply for missionary visas to our target country(Papua New Guinea) and we are now tax deductible for all who want to partner with our ministry.

Ho Ho For the Holidays Our favorite time of the year is here...the time we get to come home and visit our family and church family!
This year is especially special for us because it's Isaac's very first Christmas! As we speek, he is surrounded by the many gifts that he has recieved from all the family and he is happy as can be!
If you are in our Home area (AZ) and you would like to see the family( Isaac of course) and would like to have more info on our ministry and how you can partner with us, you can email me at We are excited to be home with you all and we will be home until January 12th.

What's Next?

Now that we graduated you might be wondering what's next on our journey. Well, with the advice from the fieldof Papua New Guinea and from our home church(Parkside Community Church), we have to decided to take theadvanced linguistics course for the next semester and a half. This course will equip us with the tools necessaryfor creating an alphabet for an unwritten language and help us figure out the grammer paterns of our target languageso we can accurately translate the Bible in their language. After this LAST part of our training, we will spend the nextyear or so raising up funds for our ministry so that we can minister to one of over 2500 unreached people groups!